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10 - 13 June

What is a comprehensive plan?

A comprehensive plan is a detailed strategy devised for the future development of a city or town, encompassing various components such as city planning, economic development, growth, and implementation strategies. It is created through the co-collaboration of town residents, local government, stakeholders, and planners, ensuring a wide range of perspectives and expertise are considered. The primary purpose of a comprehensive plan is to guide and shape development, aiming for outcomes that are predictable, concise, and purposeful, thereby facilitating sustainable and structured growth within the community.

Source: YouTube


A strategic blueprint for the future, outlining key development goals and policies to the growth of Clint.

A transparent and inclusive process designed to engage community stakeholders at every step.

An overhaul of existing codes to modernize regulations, streamline permitting processes, and enhance compliance.

A dedicated group of planning professionals, city officials, and specialized consultants who are committed to transforming Clint’s urban landscape.

Featured Plan Elements

Clint Online
GIS Portal.

This interactive tool provides users with comprehensive geographical information about the City of Clint. Accessible via the Clint Online GIS map portal, it offers detailed maps and data layers that depict various aspects of the city, including land use, zoning, public facilities, and transportation networks. It is a valuable resource for residents, developers, and city planners to visualize spatial data and support decision-making processes related to urban development and community planning.

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